Nikki & Maud | Hedge and Maggie
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Hedge and Maggie

Hedge and Maggie is a small project I had to do at school. The assignment was to create visuals for a small game. We had to make up a story ourselves. I chose for a cool Hedgehog which has a lot of attitude. In the beginning, he misses his ‘swag’-items so he has to find them and pick them up in the game.


When running he has to avoid rocks by jumping. Besides he has a true enemy, who is very fond of shiny accessories: Maggie the Magpie. When Maggie tries to attack Hedge, Hedge has to crouch to the ground so he’s safe. When he doesn’t protect himself, Maggie will steal an item. When Hedge doesn’t have any items left he will be game over.



During the project, we had to keep a blog with our process. You can find it here (in Dutch). On the blog are explanations for the choices I made and other visuals.


This is the final animation who presents the idea of my game: