Nikki & Maud | Art, drawings, illustrations
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Art, drawings, illustrations

Drawings by hand

using a pencil and paper

I like drawing people because you recognize certain parts and you get to draw them over and over again. This way I get to practice these parts every time and get more and more detailed in my work.



using Illustrator and a drawing tablet

I have my drawing tablet for about a year and half now. I use my Wacom Tablet for mostly personal work and hobbying, but sometimes I get to use it for school work or freelancing.



The images you can see right under this text, I made by freelancing. It are emblems to put on a jacket. During this holiday in the Netherland, called Carnaval, everyone wears these emblems. They all stand for different theme’s, clubs or just random things. The left one, I made for a club, where my friend is in. The right one I made to enter a competition about the theme of that year ‘2017: there’s music in it’.


 <-This is me.


These images under here are geo-filters that Snapchat uses. Everyone is free to submit their own filters. I made two filters, for this village near me called ‘Empel’. The right one actually got chosen by Snapchat to be a real filter. So everyone can use this filter now!




using Photoshop and a drawing tablet